Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A great religion?

He really can't be serious!

Obama is calling islam a "great religion" with a commitment toward justice and progress?

The religion who is keeping women in subjugation is progressive? Torturing women who are raped as "adulterers" while their husbands screw around with impunity is justice?

I wonder if he would have called Catholicism a "great religion" during the Inquisition or during the forced conversion of Jews and American Indians?

I was born a muslim. My mother and I converted to Catholicism. Although I am a faithful Catholic, I can recognize the evil which permeated the Church during the Middle Ages.

In some respects, the violence of Catholic nations was justified for self-preservation against invaders, e.g. the Crusades and the Reconquista. In other cases, their acts were heinous and inhuman cruelty, murder, genocide, and conquest.

I'm sure at the time, barbarism was commonplace and converting others to your religion was rationalized as God's work. I will not fall into the mindset of moral relativists, though, and say that the evil and cruelty was justified because it was common for the times. Wrong is wrong. Evil is evil. Jesus didn't preach about threatening to kill someone if they didn't accept him as their Lord and Saviour.

Catholicism learned its lessons the hard way: the Great Schism, the Reformation, and centuries of warfare. Today it is truly a religion of peace.

islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of evil, of conquest, of subjugation, of murder, of oppression. It's very name means "submission" and the religion of evil men has supplanted any vestige of submission to God's Will.

Certainly you can look through the qur'an and find passages of peace, love, and beauty. I'm sure many followers embrace those teachings. The problem is that too many other passages are filled with hatred and violence and too many people use those as their guiding lights.

There are terrorists and dictators who stand upon the qur'an. There are sympathizers who, although not murderers themselves, cheer for the actions of terrorists and dictators or at the very least wink and nod in agreement.

Piss on islam! There is no need to cow tow to this cult of death. Obama, himself a proclaimed apostate (the greatest crime of islam), ought to call evil by its name. If he cannot do that, he's not fit to lead.

A lowly cadet in Army ROTC can see that. Why can't the Commander in Chief?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Mercy for a terrorist, death for a Christian girl

The past several weeks I've been in training which included jumping from a perfectly good airplane while in flight. I've been out of touch, but stories like these get around anyway.

Last week, a Scottish judge released a terrorist convicted of killing 270 people on Pan Am flight 103 due to advanced prostate cancer. Too bad Abdel Baset al-Megrahi didn't have any mercy for the innocent people he murdered. Despite an agreement with the UK, Libya threw Megrahi a hero's welcome.

Muslims...celebrating...a terrorist murderer...as a hero.

Let that sink in for a while.

Meanwhile, 17 year old Fathima Rifqa Bary fled her home in Ohio after converting from islam to Christianity.

Her father had threatened to kill her and disavow her, as if disavowing her was worse than killing her.

The girl, now in Florida, has sought an attorney's assistance to prevent her from being returned to her family.

Her father is a member of a mosque with a known affiliation to Al Qaeda.

In the sick, twisted minds of islamic zealots, a murdering terrorist is a hero and an innocent girl, using her own mind and heart to freely choose her faith, an apostate guilty of a capital offense.

This is the "Religion of Peace."

We've already witnessed one judge making a stupid decision. I hope another judge doesn't make another stupid decision.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

America is NOT a muslim country

It has been a very long time since I've had time to post on this blog. I've been so busy with school, my girlfriend, and ROTC, but what I read coming from the lips of my president made me want to puke.

Barack Obama said that the United States could be considered one of the largest muslim countries in the world. If that's true, then Russia and China are also two of the largest muslim countries in the world.

Is this man insane? Did we actually elect a lunatic to the presidency?

Muslims around the world hate us, not because we haven't been quite friendly to them through many presidential administrations. We have shed American blood on their behalf many, many times. They hate us for a sole reason: our country's support for Israel.

Mr. Obama needs a lesson in history: Jews inhabited the Kingdom of Judea for thousands of years. They were expelled from their own country by the Romans who renamed Judea as Syria Palestina - hence the name Palestine. Palestine was named after a small tribe of the region we've all heard of in the Bible: the Phillistines.

Rule of the area switched from Rome to Persia and back to Rome after a series of wars. People of many ethnic groups and religions populated the area until the muslims invaded and captured Jerusalem in A.D. 637.

Now, I believe there's not a country on the planet where multiple peoples can lay claim to land. Most of these claims rely either on being the first inhabitants, the longest inhabitants, the first to develop permanent settlements, or by right of conquest or purchase from conquerors. American Indians may have had a legitimate grievance or they may not - I am not a judge of history. Jews and the so-called "Palestinians" may have legitimate claims to the land we now call Israel.

But there is absolutely no doubt that islam conquered the land of Israel with murder and brutality as they did most of northern Africa, parts of Europe, and much of Asia.

If I were to claim that America was a "Christian nation", secular humanists like Barack Obama would be up in arms shouting "Separation of Church and State!" Yet he has the audacity to refer to "muslim countries" in general and the United States in particular as a "muslim country?"

Many of the muslims in America are considered apostate. They do not practice the religion, they have renounced it, or they are from some artificial sect such as The Nation of Islam. Real muslims depise the likes of Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm X. They are considered upstarts and infidels who radical muslims would not hesitate to murder.

My family fled the violence of the middle east. My father and I converted to Catholicism and renounced the evil religion of islam. How dare my president declare that the very oppression and hatred we left is a part of the American identity. I don't mean to say that muslims are unwelcome in America or that muslim Americans are akin to islamic radicals. Their faith must bind them first to God and his holy principles and then to our great nation. The two values are not in conflict. But much of islam seems to find conflict just about everywhere is goes.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hamas Hides Behind Women and Children

I've been quite disturbed recently by constant media references to "proportionality" in the response of Israel toward Hamas. Even the UN Secretary General and His Holiness stated that Israel's response was "disproportionate."

I respectfully disagree and wish to call light to their ignorance, however well-intentioned.

The Geneva Convention, Protocol I, defines the concept of "proportionality":

The incidental (i.e.- unintended) harm caused to civilians or civilian property must be proportional and not excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated by an attack on a military objective.

By no means does this mean that there should be any parity between the number of casualties on both sides of the conflict. Nor does it mean that Israel must not respond with all its power and might.

What this principle means, quite simply, is that a military force must not cause civilian deaths disproportionate to the objective they seek in their military operation. Allied forces during World War II were entirely justified in bombing entire cities, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because destroying those cities satisfied an important strategic military objective.

The counter-attacks by Israel have, regrettably, caused the loss of innocent human lives. I do not blame them. I blame Hamas for instigating this war and placing their Katyusha rocket launchers and headquarters amongst those civilians. The blood remains on their hands.

The calls for a "cease fire" coming from Europe and the UN also disturbs me. Hamas broke the last cease fire, but they certainly didn't begin preparations for that offensive that morning. They had been digging tunnels under the Egyptian border and importing weapons from Iran for months. To Hamas, "cease fire" is not merely a request for respite in a fair fight - it is seizing an opportunity to re-arm and re-constitute.

It's hard for me to absolve the "innocent civilians" of Gaza of blame. They, after all, elected Hamas to power and provide material support and comfort. Their children are indoctrinated into hatred and violence. I, for one, would like to see every member of Hamas rounded up and hanged for war crimes. The people of Gaza should be completely disarmed and guarded by UN forces committed to ensuring their compliance.

Maybe then, the people of Gaza can abandon hatred and turn their prime real estate into a wealthy vacation resort that people of all races and religions can enjoy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Israel has a right to defend itself

If any other country on the planet had missiles fired into it by a neighboring country, the world would be united in condemning the attacker. The one, and only one, exception to this rule is Israel.

Recently, Israel has again come under attack by the terrorist group Hamas which has broken a cease-fire. Israel immediately and decisively counterattacked, destroying Hamas rocket launchers, headquarters, and killing key Hamas leaders. They have also destroyed mosques inside which weapons were being stored.

In characteristic fashion, Israel has been condemned by the world for merely defending itself. This condemnation does not come merely from muslim extremists and their supporters who hang effigies of Israel and America and burn them. Israel has also been accused of "overreacting" by the leaders of Western nations and even the Pope. While I understand the Holy Father's commitment to peace, I firmly believe that by straddling the fence on this conflict, he is only adding fuel to the fire.

Let me discuss some issues which lie beneath the superficial aspects of this conflict. So many Americans hear news about "fighting between Israel and Palestine" and adopt an ambivalent attitude. "It's their war," and "Oh, they're fighting again." It really is important for Americans to care and important to take a side - the right side.

Time and time again, Israel has been attacked. My grandfather, in fact, was part of an Army which invaded Israel. The only times Israel has ever attacked is when they observed their enemies massing forces or developing WMD. This nation, surrounded by mortal enemies, has a right to defend itself.

Hamas did not break this cease-fire because they woke up one morning and suddenly remembered they hate the Jews. Hamas' actions are based on several internal and external factors:

1. Hamas and Fatah are rivals for power in Palestine. In order to win the support of the people, Hamas is demonstrating a bold and violent commitment to act upon the hatred of the populace at large. When people cast Hamas as the violent bullies and excuse the Palestinian masses as "innocent civilians", they are really missing the point. Hamas is playing on the general hatred Palestinians have for Jews.

2. The previous "cease-fire" was merely a pause for Hamas to regroup. Israel is militarily stronger than its enemies which is how it defeated them in every war. This is why Palestinians resort to terrorism and guerilla tactics. When the Palestinians decide to stop fighting, it is precisely because they are back on their heels and need respite. They use the "cease-fire" to replenish their ranks, capitalizing on their losses; they recruit at funerals! They also use the lull to import more weapons, train, plan, and prepare for attacks. So for the clarification of all you "peaceniks" out there, the cessation of fighting by Palestinians is not an encouraging olive branch - it is preparation for more warfare.

3. Iran, China, Russia, Syria, and violence-supporting elements in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and other states provide weapons and assistance to the Palestinians to maintain violence. For Iran, the violence distracts attention from their own nuclear ambitions and uses hatred against Jews to suppress domestic dissent. Syria and the other Arab nations are similarly pandering to the masses. While maintaining a "diplomatic" air of supporting peace, they covertly supply arms with a wink and nod to the hateful people in their regimes. For China, Russia, and perhaps even France, the violence is an opportunity to profit from weapons sales and also stick a thumb in the eye of the United States.

4. Palestinians are not merely attacking Israel, they are violating all of the conventions of war. They use mosques to store weapons and plan attacks because they know that the Geneva Convention protects such places and that the images of Israel bombing mosques will fuel hatred of Jews among muslims. The fact, though, is that using mosques for this purpose is a violation of the Geneva Convention and makes them lawful targets. But the UN, Arab nations, and Jew-haters choose not to see it that way. Palestinians also deliberately place their rocket launchers and headquarters in populated areas, so that when the inevitable Israel counter-strike comes, they can use the deaths of "innocent" civilians as a propaganda machine.

In the light of this information, I cannot understand how people who claim to be committed to peace continue to chant support for Palestine. In Berkeley and San Francisco there is a committed group of liberal activists who miss no opportunity to wave their "Free Palestine" banners and openly support the "revolution". These people wear black in faux concern for the lives lost, ignoring the innocent Israelis who died in the initial attacks. They wear "peace symbols." War is peace? Did I miss something here?

Israel stated that they were "taking off the gloves." I say, "it's about time!"

Meanwhile, the UN Human Rights Commission will continue to occupy their time condemning Israel which has rightfully ceased to pay any attention to it, and ignore real human rights abuses in Cuba, Syria, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Russia, Libya, and the rest of the non-free world.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ft. Dix murder-plotters convicted!

Five muslim men who had been planning on the mass-murder of soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey were convicted of conspiracy to commit such a crime, although they were cleared of attempted murder charges because they were not prepared enough to carrying out their plan.

It's insane that our justice system distinguishes between preparing to kill and attempting to kill. It's a bigger shame that a criminal gets a lighter conviction of attempted murder if their victim is lucky enough to survive.

These men had watched Jihadist videos and attempted to purchase Kalashnikov assault rifles for their attack when they were caught.

Family members cried the usual, "Oh, not our boys. They would never do such a thing!"

Their lawyers cried, "Entrapment!"

In any other time in American history, under any previous government, these men would have been hanged - and that is exactly the punishment they deserve.

Why does "justice" demand that blood be spilled and children lose their parents (or their own lives) before we take decisive action? Since when has it become unjust to protect ourselves!

Just once I would love to hear a muslim mother say, "My son is an infidel and murderer who has defied the Word of Allah. Let him face human justice here and face Allah's justice after death!" They cry about their sons being imprisoned for conspiracy to commit murder, but shed no tears for their daughters slain in "honor killings."

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lego my Eggo

or I'll blow up your trains and busses and shoot up your hotels!

Will Chapman of Redmond, WA created this toy for his BrickArms military fighters line. He has come under fire from both muslim and non-muslim groups alike, with the former likely using real firearms soon.

I think this little character is damned funny and damned realistic. The bearded middle-easterner, carrying his Kalashnikov, RPG, grenades, and pistol is named, ironically, Mr. White.

As a boy, I played with toy soldiers. The "greens" were clearly American and the "tans" were clearly German. I heard no Germans complaining. I heard no Americans saying, "That war is long over. Germans are our friends now and we ought to show them some respect."

I also played, "Cowboys and Indians" with my friends. Because I had brown skin, I was often an Indian. Our Asian Indian friends also played Indians. They didn't seem to mind the equivocation on their ethnic identity. We just had fun.

In our games, the Americans and Cowboys were the good guys. The Germans and the Indians were the bad guys. No one grew up hating Germans or American Indians. The games taught us lessons about life vs. death and good vs. evil, not country vs. country or race vs. race.

In Palestine, little muslim boys play a game one might call "Arabs and Jews". The Arabs win if they kill a Jew. The Arabs also win if they die trying to kill a Jew. Isn't that a delightful game?
These same little boys march in parades chanting, "Death to America. Death to Israel." They grow up to be murderers. They grow up hating Jews. When they are around 10 or older, they serve as lookouts and informants for real murders who are attacking Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers. The children throw rocks at the IDF. Have you ever been hit by a rock the size of a golf ball? It's a deadly weapon! I don't blame soldiers for firing back.

Terrorist groups literally use the boys as human shields. When one of these little boys is killed in a melee between Hamas/Hezbollah and IDF, their torn bodies are carried up by the hands of the crowd and are used as a rallying cry for more hatred and more attacks. Their funerals are recruiting grounds.

Palestinian parents dress up their infants like suicide bombers...and they think it's an amusing joke.

Do you now understand the difference between our childhood games and their games?

I know that most of the German people were not Nazis. I know that white Americans pushed American Indians off their lands and broke treaties with them when it was convenient. I've read Howard Zinn's version of history.

I also know that the German people elected Hilter. Many of those who opposed him were not peaceful people - they were violent communists. Many other people got caught in the middle, but they all allowed him to come to power.
I also know that American Indians were ruthless, savage warriors who waged war against other tribes long before pale-faces landed on this continent. They killed, kidnapped, and raped Indians and round-eyes alike. I'm not being a moral relativist here - I'm just saying that my childhood games weren't an argument about wars fought from 40 to 400 years before I was born. I'm in no position to declare who holds the moral highground in those battles.

"Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who." - Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I'm concerned about the wars we're facing now and the motivations behind them. I am able to declare, here and now, who is right and who is wrong. I don't believe for one minute that any of these conflicts are based upon centuries-old disputes. From what I've learned in History, there is always a contemporary motive of money, power, or hatred. Religion, ethnicity, and age-old struggles are just excuses.

Terrorists view themselves as "freedom fighters." I find it difficult to imagine how murdering an innocent rabbi and his wife along with hundreds of others in Mumbai promoted their freedom. 9/11 didn't spark a worldwide muslim uprising and didn't topple America. All it did was lead to a vicious counterattack which has left hundreds of thousands of people dead - mostly muslims who died at the hands of other muslims.
Think about it: the total number of U.S. soldiers who died due to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan in November was six. During that time, hundreds of muslims have died, killed by muslim extremists.
Iran is developing nuclear weapons - to threaten whom? Who intends to invade Iran? Israel may be planning an attack, but only because Iran is developing nuclear weapons - otherwise, they wouldn't care if Iran existed or what they said. Any potential for the U.S. to invade Iran withered as the Iraq War grew unpopular. That prospect is now dead under our new president. So why is there an urgent need for them to pop a nuke?

Back to the toy: The BrickArms military fighters line also includes Nazi SS officers. I don't see Angela Merkel writing Mr. Chapman an outraged letter.